Most recent work: Femi Niner 2022 Reference Sheet (clean version)

Femi Niner 2022 Reference Sheet (clean version)


Welcome to my official website. I am Richard K Niner, an anthropomorphic dog from the Toronto area, and a web developer. Specifically, I'm a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever (or toller, if you prefer). A full description of my appearance can be found in the Reference section.

I am currently a relatively unknown furry artist; a selection of my more recent work can be found below; a more complete collection is available as part of my Gallery section. In addition, I also offer commissions at competitive rates; see the Commissions section for more information.

Thanks for visiting.

Recent work

Bremner's Been 'BouedSnow RaccoonTrash PandaVaccinated RaccoonBremner skull icon by GatorgutsFurnal Equinox 2020 Badge by Nicnak044Shark JuiceRoo'd!New year, same CORVID-19 (SFW Version)Bremner 2.0It's WHAT Month Again?Shark Week? (Null, flat chest version)

Contact Richard K Niner

I can be found in many of the places listed in the Links section, as well as though the following contact mechanisms:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @RKNiner
  • Mastodon:

If you have off-the-record messaging, and wish to verify me, my pawprint is as follows:
F67935AC A6BF1C02 0BC6CEA9 4EE93849 42178D9A