About Atom

The K9 Unit gallery is an irregularly (but still occasionally) updated collection of my artwork; it is more complete and updated more often than my pages elsewhere. Despite this update schedule, most people get no indication when I add something, unlike on websites like dA.

This is where Atom comes in. Atom is an XML-based standard file format for sharing syndicated information, primarily designed for lists. It has been optimized for the purpose of making it easy to notice updates to it, through many means. If you've used RSS before, you are probably already familiar with the principles behind it, and may already have the software necessary to take advantage of my Atom feeds.

To use Atom, you need a special program called an "aggregator". These can be found in your web browser (with Internet Explorer 7, any recent version of Firefox, Safari 2.0, and Opera can take advantage of them), can be found online (Google Reader, Bloglines), or installed on your computer. Wikipedia can provide some more examples.

Once you have an aggregator available, click on the Feed icon and copy the address into the aggregator of your choice. As the aggregator periodically checks the feed, it will alert you as it finds new updates.

I hope you find this feature useful; if you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me via any of the methods listed on the front page.