Commission Info

Richard K Niner is now available for commissions. Yes, even you can turn him into your artist-y slave for a picture* or two. Both digital and hand-drawn commissions are available.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

What's available

  • Conbadges — Nametags showing your character's likeness and name, perfect for furry gatherings.
  • Digital drawings — Looking for a new desktop background, avatar, forum signature or nice pic? Digital drawings feature scanned, inked sources with colouring, shading, and effects, and are delivered with high-resolution digital sources in the format(s) of your choice.

Please be sure to read the instructions and Terms and Conditions.


Conbadges are created to fit the dimensions of 3"×4" in either landscape or portrait orientation. These simple pieces can be done in either a digital process, or by using coloured pencils and ink on the index card itself. Upon request, low-resolution WIP images may be sent to the commissioner for input and approval. Regardless of whether this option is used, you will still receive a high resolution copy of the finished work, ready for printing.

Digital conbadges
Scanned image, coloured and shaded digitally. High-resolution (300 DPI) copy sent to commissioner for the purposes of printing.
Physical conbadges
Drawn directly on card stock, inked, coloured using pencil. High-resolution (300 DPI) copy sent to commissioner, with separate hard copy mailed for later arrival.
Large shaped conbadges
Scanned image, coloured and shaded digitally. High-resolution (300 DPI) copy sent to commissioner, with separate copy printed, laminated and and mailed for later arrival.
Add a back side
Add a backside to your conbadge, for those moments when your badge holder flips around.
Furries in Uniform - FE 2013 BadgesZardis - Conbadge Exchange, March 2014Batter Up! Badge ConceptFree conbadge: Canix
Free Conbadge: Heat

Digital drawings

Looking for something to put on your computer or a profile for the internet community of your choice? Prefer the look of my digital works to those I do via traditional means? Now's your chance to get one. All digital drawings are first inked on letter-sized card stock, then scanned in for colouring and finishing. High-resolution copy will be sent on completion.

Single character, abstract background
One character, drawn with no background as one will be added late in the creation process; at this level, it will often consist of a gradient or fractal chosen to enhance the image content.
+$5 each
Additional characters
Optionally, you may add any number of characters to your drawing.
$25 stand-alone, or +$6 to add
Desktop background
A higher resolution drawing is made so that a desktop background can be created in the resolution of your choice.
$8 stand-alone, or +$2 to add
Get a small image to identify yourself on various websites and instant messengers. Available in the resolutions of your choice.
$30 for 3 poses
Reference sheet
Designing a new character? Commissioning a fursuit? Need to show someone else how you or your character look? Get a 3-pose character sheet and show them what you're talking about!
+$7 per pose, or
+$4 per detail
Additional poses/details
Need more than three poses? Add another pose or detail shot to your reference sheet.
Inked only
Want to try colouring yourself? Get a discount as all I do is clean away minutia from a black-and-white inked drawing.
Commission - RisuMurasakiColouring book Sylvia
Night of the Full CoonGizensha at ease
You have Lynx

How to Commission Richard K Niner

  1. Email me using with the subject "Commission" and describe what you want.
    • Attach or link to any necessary image references
    • Use as much detail as you can
  2. Allow me some time to read things over; I will make an attempt to respond within a couple of days.
    • I will explain my justifications if your commission is rejected.
    • Accepted commissions will result in a quote.
  3. Respond to my quote. Let me know if you still want to go ahead with it, or if you need to make any changes.
  4. I will e-mail a sketch when that step is completed. Provide any input if you deem it necessary, or green light my to finish.
  5. While working on the final product, I will send a payment request, filled via PayPal.
  6. If ordering a physical conbadge, provide a mailing address.
  7. When both payment and commission are completed, all digital materials will be sent via email. Physical materials will be sent to the provided address.

So, think you're ready to commission art from me? Send an email here to get things started.


  1. I retain copyright of all commissioned works, including the rights to post them on my website or in any promotional materials, and release them for public use under the same Creative Commons licenses as any other works that I produce. However, should you commission any work from me, you are allowed to do whatever you wish with it, including redistribution, provided that you credit me as the creator of the original work.
  2. All physical items will be sent via lettermail, unless otherwise negotiated. I am not responsible for any misdeliveries due to incorrect information or handling error. Any use of package tracking or alternative delivery service will incur an additional cost equal to whatever I am charged in order to use said service.
  3. In any commission offer, I reserve the right to refuse work, or adjust my terms at any point prior to a request for payment, including a change of the price I charge. Further, you have the right to cancel any commission request without penalty prior to any transfer of funds.
  4. Payment processing is handled via PayPal. If the commissioner feels this is unacceptable, I will also accept Collect On Delivery for physical conbadges. Those opting to use COD must pay all additional fees, and will not receive any high-resolution copy for printing prior to the completion of payment, and only if requested. COD orders outside Canada are provided solely by couriers.

*Subject to approval. As my abilities are limited, and as there are certain things I would not be comfortable drawing, some commissions may be refused; no payment necessary.