Richard K Niner

Richard K Niner is an anthropomorphic Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever (toller for short, a breed of dog) with yellow fur and dark brown hair. Often found wearing his glasses, and usually clothed in his open blue shirt and khaki shorts (or pants, depending on the weather), he is friendly and playful to those around him.

2024 RK Reference Sheet (clean version)

As shown above, RK has golden yellow fur covering most of his body. His paw pads and nose are blue, and his hair has a brown colour. The fur on his paws is cream-coloured, and a bright yellow underbelly extends from muzzle down to inner thigh, and along the underside of his tail.

His tail curves up from near the bottom of his spine, uninterrupted in that golden yellow from base to tip; its length matches that of RK's thigh.

RK has long droopy ears, extending down to his mouthline, where their tips rest behind his cheekfur. There is a natural middle part in his hair, that extends down just below the cheekfur in the back; a single lock of hair reaches his right eyebrow. The yellow underbelly begins at his nose, covering the front and sides of his muzzle under an arc stopping right where his lips curve upward; the underbelly continues to cover his entire jaw and chest tuft. When his mouth is open, RK lets his pink tongue hang out, panting softly.

The canine adopts a plantigrade posture, with blue pads on each of his toes, the balls of his feet, and under his heel. His humanoid handpaws adopt a similarly cartoonish look in their pad placements. Cream fur covers his toes, soles, fingers and knuckles.

Femi Niner

Originally "Richard, but a girl", Femi eventually became her own character. She's still an anthropomorphic Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever girl (toller for short, a breed of dog) with yellow fur and dark brown heir, much like RK. But whereas Richard is more "me", Femi is a bit bossier.

Femi Niner 2022 Reference Sheet (clean version)

As shown above, Femi still largely looks like RK, with yellow fur and brown hair. Her hair extends down past her shoulders, and when she wears a bikini, there's a hint of a unique pattern on her chest.

One of Femi's unique abilities is her hypnotic gaze, which glows reddish-pink and can be enhanced by the light blue pendant she wears around her neck.

Bremner Raccoon

Bremner is a blue and red raccoon that was originally inspired by the Toronto flag.

Bremner 2.0

His fur is primarily a dark blue, with a lighter shade on most of face. This light shade effectively acts as an outline for the raccoon mask around his eyes, but does not connect from one side to the other, leaving a dark blue stripe down the middle of his face; it also does not extend far above his mask, leaving his ears and the top of his head in the darker shade.

This light shade extends down either side of the front of his neck and chest, before both sides meet up and continue down to his thighs. On the outside of this pattern is a wavy parallel stripe that thickens up to cover his shoulders and arms, down to the elbows. These stripes continue down his back, linking up on his inner thighs to the stripes on his front. The rest of the lighter fur continues up his back the same way, splitting in two as they pass the base of his tail.

Unlike the rest of his body, his tail is made of rings of light and dark red. The red colour also appears on his eyebrows, ear tips, nose and pawpads.

Bremners inner ears are light blue, and the skin on his red handpaws connect his fingers to his palms. Simmlarly, most of the soles of his feet are unfurred.

Often subject to hypnosis, when Bremner falls under the influence, his otherwide blue eyes turn pink with red rings.

Jayne Finche

Like Femi, Jayne began as an alternate version of another character. Initially created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a variant of Femi where she got infected with a corvid transformation virus, after a year I decided to spin her off into her own character. So now she is a unique blue jay gryphon.

Jayne Reference Sheet (clean version)

Essentially, Jayne is an anthropomorphic bird with both wings and arms. Her beak, hands and feet are a dark blue, with the flesh of her limbs extending up to her elbows and knees respectively. Her feathers are also various shades of blue.

On the underside of her wings, her primaries have very light tips, with a gradient of darker colours until they tuck under the rest of her wing feathers. Those featghers have a dark tip and a lighter colour before they transition to the main shade of blue. On the back of her wings, her primaries appear a much darker shade with white tips and a vibrant blue leading edge, while the remaing feathers complement their white tips with that same vibrant blue, before a dark band hides a transition to a lighter shade.

Her face has light feathers asround the eyes, briefley interupted by dark feathers in the corners opposite the chevron on her forehead. Below a V-shaped dark blue collar of feathers that extends parway up her crest, her chest, tummy, and legs are a very light shade of blue. There are darker patches under her armpits.

Similar to Femi, Jayne has a hypnotic gace, whis time in purple and green. However, this does not seem to be enhanced by any accessory.