• Other art sites
    • Fur Affinity — While K9 Unit is my official gallery, I still post some art to FA. If you have an account, you can follow my updates here too. Admittedly not fond of the way they run their website with respect to coding practices.
    • Weasyl — An alternative furry art site with less traffic than Fur Affinity. Gets activity boosts when FA goes down. Takes longer to post updates due to mandatory thumbnail generation, and uses Markdown to parse descriptions, but is otherwise a better alternative to FA.
  • Social Networks
    • Yiff Life — is another short message-based social network, part of the Mastodon and GNU Social fediverse - that means if you have an account on any website based on Mastodon, Pleroma, or GNU Social, we can communicate despite being on differenct websites, kinda like email. This specific server is targeted at the furry community, but it's not the only one. For more info, there's
  • Conventions
    • Furnal Equinox — An mid-March furry convention in Toronto, located downtown. This is the largest furry event in Canada, but is still small relative to many in the States.
    • CanFURence — A small August furry convention in Canada's capital. This event takes place during the civic holiday weekend at a resort hotel in Kanata, once of Ottawa's suburbs. It's a relatively new event, but is a fixture on my convention schedule due to its proximity to Toronto.
    • Anthro New England — A mid-sized convention held in Boston in February at a downtown hotel. In 2019, I will make my second trip and first since the convention relocated from their original Cambridge hotel.