Most recent work: Bremner's Been 'Boued

Bremner's Been 'Boued


Welcome to my official website. I am Richard K Niner, an anthropomorphic dog from the Toronto area, and a web developer. Specifically, I'm a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever (or toller, if you prefer). A full description of my appearance can be found in the Reference section.

I am currently a relatively unknown furry artist; a selection of my more recent work can be found below; a more complete collection is available as part of my Gallery section. In addition, I also offer commissions at competitive rates; see the Commissions section for more information.

Thanks for visiting.

Recent work

Snow RaccoonTrash PandaVaccinated RaccoonBremner skull icon by GatorgutsFurnal Equinox 2020 Badge by Nicnak044Shark JuiceRoo'd!New year, same CORVID-19 (SFW Version)Bremner 2.0It's WHAT Month Again?Shark Week? (Null, flat chest version)Shark Week? (Bikini, flat chest version)

Contact Richard K Niner

I can be found in many of the places listed in the Links section, as well as though the following contact mechanisms:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @RKNiner
  • Mastodon:

If you have off-the-record messaging, and wish to verify me, my pawprint is as follows:
F67935AC A6BF1C02 0BC6CEA9 4EE93849 42178D9A